Emmy Gaffey Foundation -Glenbard Parent Series - 50% of all proceeds will go to GPS

GPS has been near and dear to my heart since December of 2013, when my daughter Emmy lost her battle to depression. I am constantly reminded of the wonderul things that Cares/ Glenbard Parent Series is doing for Parents and young adults in our area. They have made a huge difference and with the help of the Emmy Gaffey Foundation, we can continue to raise money every year to change lives. Emmy was a fighter and I'm always reminded of the fact that she is making a difference from heaven. Sometimes its subtle and sometimes its not, as only Emmy could be:)  Evrey penny of contributions given to GPS is directly used for the young adults and their families.

Glenbard Parent Series (GPS): Navigating Healthy Families

The Glenbard Parent Series (GPS): Navigating Healthy Families is an educational consortium dedicated to presenting distinguished, relevant, high-profile authors, clinicians and educators who share their research-based knowledge and practical wisdom. Our mission is to enhance the positive development, resilience and wellbeing of all students by building relationships, coping strategies and responsible decision-making skills. All caregivers and students are welcome to these free, now virtual, conversations as we engage with experts about opportunities and issues families face in these challenging times.

GPS is a resource for parents, educators, students, and community members to foster self-empowered children who collaborate, communicate, embrace diversity, create and think critically.

Programs are offered free of charge, no registration is required, and the public is welcome to attend


ps://www.glenbardgps.orgGlenbard Parent Series - Navagating Healthy Families